Portsmouth Virginia Driver Improvement - Classroom &  Online Courses

Do You Have A Portsmouth Virginia speeding ticket or other moving violations? If you answered yes, then this
Portsmouth  Virginia Defensive Driving Traffic School course for you. If you have received a Traffic Citation in
Portsmouth  Virginia,  if you were Court ordered to attend a Portsmouth Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic or if you
need to build up some safe driving points for use in the future, our Portsmouth  Virginia Traffic School Programs
can help you attain your goal.  Our Portsmouth Virginia Drive Improvement Clinic can and will  help you with all your
defensive driving needs. Our Portsmouth Virginia DMV Approved Defensive Driving Course Uses Video &
Interactive Exercises To Make Your Traffic School Learning Experience More Enjoyable. Take care of your traffic
tickets the fast, easy and convenient way with
5safepoints.com  or take the course online at http://www.va-
drivercourses.com/clickIn.php?school=92 . Drivers can take our Williamsburg Virginia DMV approved 8-hour online
driver improvement course for any of the following reasons:

  • To remove demerit points for
a Portsmouth Virginia moving violation
  • To Satisfy A  Portsmouth Virginia Court or
Judge Ordered Traffic School
  • To Satisfy A Portsmouth Virginia DMV Ordered
Driver Improvement Requirement
  • To Add Safe Driving  Points On Your
Portsmouth Virginia Driver's License
  • To Satisfy Employer Fleet Training Requirements
(ordered by Employer or Safety Manager)
  • For Voluntary or Personal Use or For Insurance

Note: If you are under 20 years old or hold a Virginia Commercial Drivers License (CDL) license, you may not take
the course online, but you may take the course at a
Virginia classroom traffic school location. Also, all online
Virginia defensive driving courses require in-person completion of a brief final exam at a
testing center located in

Portsmouth Virginia  Court Ordered Traffic School:

Drivers who have received a Virginia traffic ticket in Portsmouth  might be
ordered by a
Virginia Traffic Court to attend an 8-hour traffic school program.
If this situation applies to you, you can probably take our online
Virginia Driver Improvement Program course ,but you should still check with the
court first to make sure they will accept a certificate from a computer-based
Virginia Driver Improvement Program Clinic.

(NOTE: Be sure to tell the court official that our course is fully approved by the
Virginia DMV.) If the court will not allow you tocomplete your driver
improvement course online, you can stillattend a Virginia classroom traffic

If you have been court-ordered to complete traffic school, the court will decide whether you are to receive demerit
points for your offense. You will need to know whether you are to receive demerit points so that you can select the
right reason for course attendance when you sign up. If you are not sure, check your court order or call the court
that ordered you to complete a Virginia defensive driving course.

Portsmouth Virginia  DMV Ordered Traffic School:

In certain cases, a Portsmouth  Virginia driver will be ordered by the
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) to complete
an 8-hour driver improvement course.
Our State approved computer-based clinic will satisfy the
requirements of the Virginia DMV for any driver who has
been ordered to attend traffic school. DMV ordered
attendance typically applies to drivers who have received
12 demerit points (negative points) on their driver license
within a 12-month period, or 18 points within a 24-month
period. Another common reason for Virginia DMV ordered
attendance is that a driver has collected too many points on his or her license.

If you are ordered by the Portsmouth Virginia DMV to attend a driver improvement clinic, you must complete the
entire eight-hour course within 90 days, or the DMV will suspend your driving privilege until this requirement has
been met. Students attending college outside of Virginia and members of the U.S. Military and their dependents
who are stationed outside of Virginia might be eligible for an extension of the 90-day requirement. The extension
will be only be granted to those who are in an area where no approved clinics are offered, and will remain in effect
until a break in schedule allows class attendance.

If you are not sure whether you have been DMV ordered to take a Virginia defensive driving class, please contact
your local Virginia DMV office for assistance.

Portsmouth  Virginia  Driver Improvement for Safe Driver Points:

The Virginia DMV allows drivers to receive up to five safe driving points
once every 24 months for completing an 8-hour Portsmouth Virginia
defensive driving traffic school program. A driver may not accumulate more
than five safe drivingpoints on his or her Virginia driver license. These points
are in addition to the safe driving points a Virginia driver receives each
year for drivingwithout committing any traffic violations. If a court orders
you to attend traffic school, the court decides if you will be awarded safe
driving points.

Portsmouth Virginia  Auto Insurance Discount for Virginia Drivers:

Virginia drivers might be able to obtain a discount on their auto
insurance premium by voluntarily completing this defensive driving
course. In order to find out if you are eligible to receive this discount,
please contact your auto insurance provider for details.

(Note: that drivers who attend Virginia traffic school voluntarily for an insurance discount will not be eligible to
receive safe driving points for this purpose. Also, any driver who is ordered by a Virginia court to attend a driver
improvement clinic will not be eligible to receive an automobile insurance discount.)

Portsmouth Virginia  Business and Industry
(Fleet Training):

Employers in today's market must not only contend with rising
fuel prices, but with costly vehicle repairs and downtime as
well. We offer employers and safety managers a proactive way
to address these costs with our state approved defensive
driver training program.

Many government-sponsored traffic safety studies have shown
that a Virginia Driver Improvement Course reduces a driver's chances
of being involved in a crash or getting a citation. Imagine the
money your company stands to lose from vehicle repairs,
injuries, property damage, higher insurance premiums, and other expenses if it has a  fleet of drivers who have not
been exposed to research proven safe driving techniques. Even a small investment in driver training could save
your company thousands or possibly millions of dollars down the road. Why not join the long list of state agencies,
academic institutions, and Fortune 500 companies currently enjoying the benefits of loss reduction that can result
from using our programs?

If you are an employer or safety manager who is interested in driving down costs associated with auto accidents,
contact us to find out how you can take our online defensive driving course for a FREE test drive. Be sure to ask
about our special discount rates for corporate customers.

If you are an employee who drives a company vehicle, you can sign up for the course online, then turn in your
completion certificate to your supervisor or safety manager who requested that you take the course. You can also
check with your auto insurance company to find out if you are eligible to receive an insurance discount.

Out Of State Drivers With Portsmouth  Virginia Traffic Ticket:

Drivers who receive a Portsmouth Virginia traffic ticket but are
licensed in another state can take the 8-hour  Virginia defensive
driving course. However, out of state drivers should note that
they are
NOT required to take their  final exam in Virginia
at an approved testing center. Please consider this requirement
carefully before you decide to take a  Virginia Driver Improvement
Classroom course. This rule even applies to states that border
Virginia such as North Carolina and Maryland, and we are aware of
no exceptions. It is our understanding that in certain instances
the Virginia DMV and some courts will allow a person to complete
an 8-hour traffic school course developed for a state other than

Defensive Driving Traffic School For Portsmouth Virginia:

Portsmouth  traffic means lots of tourists and traffic jams.
Traffic violations in Portsmouth  can result in speeding tickets
and high fines. Don't want the points on your Virginia driver license?
Choose the smart solution for a Portsmouth  ticket by signing up
for our classroom or online driver improvement courses today.
Driving in Portsmouth  can be maddening. You know this is true
if you've ever received a Portsmouth  traffic ticket. Although
getting a traffic ticket in Portsmouth  is not a pleasant experience,
we can help by taking the frustration out of going to traffic school.
If you need safe driver points to offset the points from your
Portsmouth  ticket, or if you were ordered by a Portsmouth
Traffic Court to attend a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic, why not complete your course online? Get started by
signing up for the course and selecting the location where you want to take your quick, easy final exam. We make
Portsmouth  Defensive Driving  School a breeze!

Our mission is to help Portsmouth Virginia Drivers:

We are committed to helping Portsmouth Virginia drivers with their defensive driving needs. We offer only DMV
approved online and classroom driver improvement and make every effort to provide reliable, error-free information
to the Portsmouth Virginia motoring public. If you have any questions or comments about our courses or the
information on this website, please direct them to the attention of the webmaster.
Portsmouth Driver Improvement